devil-baby-dollI have added some new trailers to my Taya-trailer page that I think will be good. Some of them you may have not even heard of.  Did you know that Chucky is coming back once again? Go here to see links for his new movie and more.

Speaking of new movies, SyFy just had an awesome movie come out on its network called Sharknado. It was sharknado crazy on Twitter for some reason, but what else would the hype be considering you are talking about a tornado full of sharks? Who comes up with this stuff and how many drugs do you have to take to come up with this storyline? Did the stars in it lose a bet or something?

Actually, this movie was bound to be a hit for the same reason Adam Sandler has a movie career. You so expect the material in the movie to be ludicrous, you have to go pay the money to go see it…

My hat is off to Adam Sandler for that very reason.

It troubles me that people seem to think that if you apologize (simply say sorry), it releases them of any responsibility for any transgression that may have committed.  Whether you meant to do something or not do something but you did or didn’t means you are responsible for it. And you should take responsibility for it.

I personally think that this type of behavior is from nurture. Letting kids think they are not responsible for their actions and/or covering for them as parents…well, that just make them bad parents.

But neither Adam nor Syfy will be apologizing anytime soon…I guess we can blame their parents.



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