esq-twerk-xlg-24128035My life is been pretty chock full right now and not really anything I am willing to blog about.

So there is that.

Still why would I deprive you all of my thought-provoking banter?

How rude of me.

I am such a damn human.

No consideration for anyone around me.

So anyways…some random thoughts.

Not that I am in any way a fan of Miley Cyrus, but my hat is off to her. She knows how to raise a stir. And possibly some other things. Not mine, but still. Maybe if/when she gets some new boobs.

And what was it that was going  on at the same time on this planet that she was twerking on MTV that should have been Sooo much more important yet she was still what was trending more than whatever that was? I forget. Anyways…

Next week, healthcare will change as we know it. It is called Obamacare, of course. You get mixed signals from mixed veiws from whoever you amy ask. How will it affect me is all I want to know. This article says ‘Americans will pay an average premium of $328 monthly for a mid-tier health insurance plan when the Obamacare health exchanges open for enrollment next week, and most will qualify for government subsidies to lower that price, the Obama administration said on Wednesday.’

So I suppose the question what does this subsidy mean to me and mine? I guess I will find out.

So maybe you will read more of my illustrious blather 3 weeks from now…or 3 days.

One thought on “Madness, miscellaneous, and Miley

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