Well, chances are you have an idea of what kind photographer you want be already, but it couldn’t hurt to explore just what types are out there.

Still or motion? That is the question…

To start off with, do you want to take stills of people?  Essentially people posing?   The possibilities include everything from baby photography to erotic photography. Both of those involve some skin, but you are going for a still at the end of the session. Here are some other examples:

  • Fashion. This could be anything from modeling gowns to suits to underwear.
  • School. Think yearbooks and your Mom’s picture wall…usually embarrassing.
  • Wedding.  Important memories of that special day.
  • Family/pets. Just because we always need more pictures on Mom’s picture wall.

Or you can start photographing objects for magazines and technical manuals that doesn’t involve living creatures at all. Although any of these can be done for a hobby, they would most likely be done on a business capacity. Unless you are into taking pictures of your half eaten cheeseburger.

  • Medical . I hope you have a strong stomach.
  • Food. Pictures of what that Bacon, Egg, Cheese biscuit is supposed to look like when you buy.
  • Architecture. Hey, look. It’s another lighthouse!!
  • Scientific.  Yes I always wanted to know what a brain eating amoeba looks like. Just in case.
  • Vehicles. Can you say pretentious?

So maybe you like to work outside without a roof over your head.  How about wide open spaces?  This would include photography  like:

  • Aerial. You are moving, your shot is not.
  • Astrophotography. OK it’s moving…just very slowly…
  • Satellite. Using a very expensive camera. Called a satellite.
  • Street. One who really gets off on human nature.
  • Landscapes. Perfect for your computer desktop.

But what if you want a bit more action in your shots? There are many forms of photography that will really make your skills shine, especially if you have the right camera for the job. These all can be inside or outside. They can be with people or without. They can be micro or macro. How about:

  • Action/sports. Just make sure you are not in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Wildlife. Just remember to travel in pairs so you only have to outrun the other guy.
  • Concert. No, that is not your camera getting blurry shots. You inhaled too deeply.
  • Photojournalism. When you want to write a story without type.
  • Events. Be careful. That can get creepy.

To pick just one type of photography without some idea of knowing who YOU are can make your decision difficult. Are you a sports buff? Are you an animal lover? Do you enjoy  a free meal at a wedding from time to time? Or do you just want to help your girlfriend(or boyfriend) with their super secret portfolio to help them get discovered in Hollywood?  That is the good thing about a photography career-you can point your camera at the ground or the sky or anything in between. There is beauty to photograph anywhere.

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