thiefI am currently looking to uproot my prior hospitality/I.T./event technology career to find something I like to do a lot better.  Something that does not involve so much in front of a client. I am just burnt out on the whole helping people who don’t or can’t figure out how to help themselves.

I don’t have much slack of my own that needs to be picked up. I pride myself in that. So not really crazy about picking up somebody else’s.

Enter what I want to do. Write. For money.  Stay at home and write.

So now what I am attempting to write about?  Good intention suckers.

There are millions of people out there trying to find another source of income to help themselves out.

To help themselves pick up their own slack, so to speak.

There are so many people who can’t handle their own monetary slack because of taxes or no job at all or just, whatever. The list of reasons can be endless. But at least they are trying.

Then there are people out there who are out to take advantage of that by creating some farce site engineered to make you think that they have the answer and offer tools (for a price) to help you make said extra money.

There is a certain part of Hell just for those ‘engineers’. This Hell burns much hotter. This Hell will burn these souls who instill false hope in the unfortunate to past ashes.

These engineers fill you with hype and hope to reach your goals only to take your money and let you fall on your face. These engineers who can simply say

“You didn’t try hard enough.”

I will admit I have fallen victim to these good intention suckers. Not for much. I think it was $89.99 or some crap. But at the time, it was a lot. I vowed never again.

But one cannot make extra money without risk. How much risk? That would be a relative term.

In looking for ways to write for money, I have found many sites that offer a collection of freelance writing jobs. I was disillusioned to think that a site would just list clients eager to get new writers started. I invested. To no avail. The site just ‘stole’ writing jobs from other sites and did a terrible job of stealing those jobs at that.

Snookered again.

I have emailed them repeatedly and have gotten no response. So their CS skills suck, too. Plus I have also not gotten ANY response for any of the jobs I tried to get.

I have been the prayee. The prayor/good intention suckers/engineers have got a lot of VERY bad karma coming their way. I feel it coming.

I will not be an asshole and divulge said good intention suckers. They know who they are.

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