If you didn’t read Part 1 of Goals, here it is.

So, now we need to think about the skills of achieving your goals. Success does not happen by accident. Success comes from making goals and making decisions towards those goals, conscious effort, and a whole lot of persistence along with a whole lot of patience.

A best-selling author, speaker and goal making expert named Gary Ryan Blair offers these points(split into two posts) to make anyone successful in goal making and completion.

#1. Choose your goals intelligently. Make sure you are selecting a goal that is achievable. By you.

#2. One word: focus. That is the power toward/for your goal. When you focus on a goal, that goal becomes a magnet. The more focus you have, the more power you generate toward your goal.

#3. Write down your goals. Writing challenges thought. Plus, writing the goal/s down means you see what you think.

#4. You have your goal, now make an action plan on how to achieve it.

#5. There is no reason you need to do this all by yourself. You need to read, listen, and acquire knowledge from wherever you can to get to the goal completion.

That’s five. We have five more points to go that I will share very soon. Or go you can go to
http://liveboldandbloom.com/12/productivity/setting-goals-how-to-achieve-them-in-the-new-yearand get the rest yourself. I don’t mind. That is where I got the info.

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