tmp_Screenshot_2014-04-01-14-14-30-197178080So it has been over a month since my last post. I have been enjoying a sans stress existence since this year started and have been pretty busy as well. I have been doing a bit of traveling which I thoroughly enjoy as well as getting paid better than my past positions.

My newly acquired sans stress lifestyle comes from working events and having to make minimal decisions and just doing what I am told to do. Set up this, tweak that, so on and so forth. I do a bit of directing but more due to the fact that I am a seasoned event technology technician/manager so I have a lot to offer in this corporate/hospitality setting. Not to mention that I have years of experience from the hotel side as well. I can’t necessarily write the details of my skillset down but I know I am an asset to anyone I may be contracted to work for at the time.

I have an awesome work ethic as I work as I would want my technicians to work. Hard. Always looking for something to do. Not having to be told to find something to do. Making myself valuable in any and all aspects of the word.

I know it sounds like this may be a cover letter for my resume or I am just tooting my own horn for whatever reason. And I guess you could say I am.

But the points I am trying to make are #1, don’t burn any bridges because you never know who you will need to call on or who you will run across later that you can appreciate to produce a mutually beneficial relationship, #2 working hard is good for your reputation so is also beneficial in not burning any bridges.

These two points allowed me to jump from the salaried world to the freelance/contractor world pretty seamlessly. This being a strong work ethic and making friends along the way.

As I am getting older, I will probably not want to do so much physical labor but I am getting a pretty darned good workout here lately(that I am obviously getting paid for) so I am not complaining.

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