tumblr_lvhojkN87n1r29uz6o1_500First of all, this post will be a bunch of praise. And the letter “B” seems to be the letter to praise for no specific reason.

I saw the movie “Blended” this weekend with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, another Happy Madison production. Adam Sandler movies can be a gamble. And we all know that there are a lot of good Sandler movies as well as bad ones. But to me Adam Sandler has got it made because it doesn’t matter what he does, people will leave the theaters saying “Well, that’s Adam Sandler for ya'”. Well Blended is one of the good ones. Very well done.

One of the websites I frequent is called MindUnleashed.  The other day I ran across an article on there about bananas. Very interesting stuff!!  You can read what they said about the banana here.

I did not know that they had such an array of vitamins in them to help such things as anemia, PMS, brain power, depression, blood pressure and mosquito bites just to name a few.  So eat up!!!



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