cellFor anyone who knows me, I am a pretty healthy guy. I don’t drink sodas and eat pretty darn well. I have my vices as other people do, but I am always looking at new technologies to get better to last a good long time.

Fact: Our cells are constantly dying and being replaced. When we are young, our body does an awesome job of replacing these dying cells to be just as good as new. As we get older, the body can’t do such a great job because of of how we treat our bodies and environmental factors.

So how do we get these cells to replenish like we did when our age was in its single digits?

Well the answer is redox signaling molecules. Watch the video below.

As it is with all new products such as this, Asea is being brought to us through the ubiquitous network marketing. But from what I have read and heard, there is no choice: Pharma companies would not market this type of product as it would destroy them!!!

Want to learn more? Go to my team page for Asea, or http://amazingmolecules.com/. There are lots of videos on youtube and the like if these two sites are not enough.

So I have published my first short story on the web. It’s called Remote Control. Click on the book below to buy. It’s $4.99. You can handle that, I am sure.

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