1235293_438382149608019_1400608862_nIt’s true that I have used a microwave before… but it is also true that I never LIKED to use a microwave. I never liked the idea of using one and in all truth that I figured by now we would have kids with three eyes or something abnormal such as that and that abnormality gets linked to microwave use.

Not kids in the microwaves, of course. Let’s be realistic.

OK, let’s.

The high frequencies emitted from a microwave force the water molecules to rapidly spin, creating friction which heats the food in a short amount of time.

I am sorry but that is not natural to me. And here are 5 good reasons NOT to use this death device.

  1. Microwaves zap the nutrition right out of food, pun intended. The food that you put inside the microwave basically turns into a dead food the longer you leave the food in there because that death machine changes the molecular structure of the food itself. So if you think about using “Speed defrost” mode to defrost that chicken breast because you forgot to leave it out before you left for work? Just grab yourself a PB&J instead because you would be killing that chicken breast again. Which means the chicken was killed for no good reason to begin with. You can eat it tomorrow night instead.
  2. Breast Milk and B-12 are zapped to nothing. B-12 becomes virtually non existent and breast milk lysozyme activity is decreased dramatically and microwave power also promoted the growth of harmful bacteria for babies. AND breast milk microwaved at high temperatures was found to have greater E coli growth — 18 more times than un-microwaved breast milk.
    If you did not know what lysozymes are, they function as an antibacterial enzyme. Your baby needs those. So it needs to be in that breast milk. Not eradicated by your quest for convenience in caring for your child. Bad parent.
  3. Microwaves create carcinogens in our food. What is a carcinogen? It is anything that can cause cancer. Now, it is true there are carcinogens everywhere around us. And new ones are found still. Some things that we use for good reasons like chlorine, for instance, is a carcinogen. But chlorine is useful as a disinfectant in many applications…but can also cause lung cancer. Hell, even sunlight and its ultra violet rays are carcinogenic! So why make yourself more vulnerable to cancer by using a microwave?!?
  4. Microwaves can do a number on your blood,too. Eating /drinking foods and milk warmed in a microwave decreases red blood cells and increases white blood cells…and your cholesterol!! Bet you didn’t know that!!
  5. This one should be obvious since you are using a radiation device…Microwaves can change your heart rate. A study conducted found the levels of radiation emitted by a microwave affect both heart rate and heart rate variability. And these affects are instant!! Yes, these levels are within Federal safety guidelines but that doesn’t mean crap tome and it should not to you either. this is radiation we are talking about. And yes microwaved food eaten will affect your heart and heart rate, as well.

I got this information from SpiritScience.net, one of my favorite new sites. I just added my own spin….which means just spin that microwave right out of your damn kitchen.

I also ran across this article the other morning and I have started it and loving it already. The article is called 7 morning rituals to empower your day and change your life.  As I am all about changing my life right now, I dove in with both feet. I urge you to do the same. Simple things. Like lemon water to listening to upbeat music. You are even exposed to some simple Qi Gong exercises.

Like the picture says…Do something today that your future self will be thankful for.

You are most welcome.


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