bug-dead-02As for 2015, my goal is pretty clear. And pretty general, actually. Get better.

Not like get better from being sick(although some people would beg to differ), but get better as a person and find out what I am here for.

I have been exploring my mind through meditation and reading a lot of books. How the brain works type books. Conscious and subconscious mind and each one’s role in our lives, so on and so forth.  I am not looking for the feel good type books although sometimes they merge. I read anyways.

The latest I am reading basically compares your brain to a computer hard drive which may be laden with viruses-or bugs.

Your brain starts with a clean slate when you are born. Your brain is to take you to greatness. We are all supposed to be great.

Why would the good Lord put us on this planet to live at best a mediocre life? Filled with possible bad self esteem, self doubt, debt, so on and so forth? I just can’t believe that.

And as you learn through your years on this earth, you pick up untruths. Just facts that are not true from your parents or your peers or teachers or what or whoever. Or they could just be facts that you have rationalized in your brain yourself. Wherever you got these facts from, these facts are embedded in your subconscious as the rules you live by. The rules you make life decisions by. The rules that make you get up and do something or sit on your ass and do nothing. Be lazy and complacent or be awesome.

These untruths are bugs. Viruses. Limitations. Aberrations. Abundant life destroyers.

So what do you do? You have to figure out what they are and dissolve them from your head. No one can just go in and erase them from someone’s head because, of course, everyone is different. Even twins will live different lives and have different brains even if they sat next to each other for their whole lives eating cheerios together.

So, to share a bit, here are some of the best most fulfilling books I have read so far:

  • Psycho Cybernetics
  • As a Man Thinketh
  • Super Brain
  • The Power of your Subconscious Mind

I would like to also recommend the movie called “What the bleep do we know?” A very for-the-layman explanation of how the brain-and the Universe-works. It’s a movie and a documentary and very entertaining.

These books aren’t the answer but a way to help find the truth. Your truth.

Some of the books I have read just weren’t up my alley so to speak, so I won’t bring them up. But I will say that I wasn’t on this journey to have sunshine blown up my butt, which is what I felt like when reading such books. Sure that may be a good thing in the short run, but I am in this for the long haul. If you have read any of these type books and they helped you, then they have served their purpose and a big congratulations you have found your way to a pleasant journey for a better life.

I am sure I have lost some people on this blog post already due to my book and movie choices. Because a mind only works when it is open. I feel sorry for close minded people. And they are all around us. Sometimes closer than you think.

So just like an alcoholic, the first step is realizing and admitting there is a problem. If you can concur with what I have stated so far, I applaud you. If you have already read some of this material and/or are already working on getting rid of these bugs, viruses, etc etc, even better.

I feel I am moving forward in my journey and picking up speed as I learn and realize what is in my head and what needs to be purged.

The funny thing is that sometimes things holding me back from my journey are external. Sometimes, you have to know how to deal with those, too.

It’s all about energy. Positive and negative energy. Love and hate. Good and bad. It is also about spirituality.

Sometimes you just need to let go of something you thought was positive that turns out to be affecting you negatively.

You see, I have been trying to figure out my purpose. I feel like I am meant for bigger things. One should figure out what they are meant for so one can strive for that purpose. To live on purpose. As opposed to living by accident.

You see if you don’t have a goal, you are a ship with no rudder. You just drift wherever the water takes you. You are living by accident.

So…on purpose. Why. Why are we here. You figure out why you are here and you can figure out a path to get there. And you are then no longer rudderless.

You are unstoppable.

So there you go. Kills the bugs. Find your why. Easy, right?

I found this TedTalk to be helpful on finding a why.


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