accuracyJust a quick note/post before I leave for out of town again.

SO I was about to watch(and still will watch) this talk by Neville Goddard, and ended up clicking on the video link of Tai Lopez. What can I say but that I am thoroughly impressed by this guy. I watched his first video and was happy to see that Tai has just what I have been looking for. Knowledge, skills, and a willingness to teach. Not just what he knows, but what he has learned form some of the greatest minds in history.

All you have to do is listen to him. I am sure I will more to say about Tai later.

I spent a good part of March on the road. 6 shows in 6 cities in 5 weeks. It was awesome. I love the working at different places and traveling to awesome hotels in new cities.

The only tough thing is continuing my spiritual ‘studies’ when I have to do things like work.

Life could definitely be worse though.

The best thing about life is living in the moment.

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