IMG_20150524_210755127I was reminded today of a valuable lesson that I learned from my mother a long time ago.

You see, when I was growing up, if I wanted to not do something that my mother wanted me to do, she would say

“Just humor me.”

I remember thinking-in my teenage years even-how can you argue with that?

So I would do whatever it was she wanted me to do. I just shut up and I did it. And life was good again. Past the conflict. Past the confrontation.

I do the humoring to this very day. Pretty much just subsconciously. Not only with my mom(I don’t even hesitate, I just do it), but pretty much everywhere else the case arises.

I just humor them.

When I was on my Army Basic training 26-mile, all day road marches with full gear on, our Drill Sargeants would come up and yell at us about how slow were or not staying in formation or something, I would just yell back


And they would then go off and yell at somebody else.

Life was good again.

So I guess what I am saying is sometimes it is just better to do what the person is asking instead of arguing and raising a big stink especially if you know you will end up doing said task anyways. Or just agree with whoever so they will drop the subject altogether.

My favorite is to find some type of segway between what they are speaking of but onto another subject so they will move on to something else. You totally changed the subject and got the person off whatever high horse they were on.

That is always cool.

Speaking of the military, I just wanted to publicly thank all the soldiers out there for what an awesome job they are doing.  They deserve to be recognized a lot more than they are already. A lot more than us just being on the beach and/or grilling out.

And to all the soldiers who died serving our great country, including my father Omar Jones, I especially thank you. We miss you all very much.

There are so many of us who wish that you all were still with us, but we are proud just the same.



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