IMG_20150607_140401073Last June, I vowed that when my freelance work got slow, I would not just become a couch potato. I started walking my two huskies every morning(or most every morning),  I didn’t sit in front of the television and watch TV all day. I started meditating, reading, and doing yoga.

I started this journey knowing that I would be improving my life, but I never thought that I would be doing as well as I have. Whether it be the reading material that I picked or just the fact that I am reading at all, I wish that I had started these new habits a long time ago.

First of all, to spread the ‘wealth’ as it were, I included a page with a good bit of the reading material I have absorbed. Not all of it mind you, but most.

I have also made a page where I have added my favorite meditation tracks

There is a lot of educational material and meditation tracks on Youtube and a lot of good websites out there that I also read or listen from.

I have learned a lot. But the most important thing I have learned is this:

Thoughts become things.

It may sound stupid. It’s not. You may take the sentence literally. You can’t.

Read what I have read. Watch what I watch. Listen to who I listen to. You will understand.

If you don’t understand, then either you are not ready or you don’t want to be ready.

And if you don’t want to be ready, ask yourself why you are not ready.

You are not your thoughts. You want and need to be the master of your thoughts.



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