1908118_922560691114191_8312555684921163695_nIt has been a crazy couple of weeks in this great country. Not sure what to make all of it except to say:


What the hell is wrong with us? How does it really hurt you if two not-straight people…

And where did that term come from-straight or not straight? If they are ‘gay’ they are ‘curved’? And if they are gay, then everyone else is not gay?

Anyways…If two ‘gay’ people want to get married, how does it hurt us for them to get married?

That makes them happy.

Or gayer, maybe. Not sure…both, I guess.

But still, that is what life is all about-to be happy. And for them to be happy, some people must be angry. And offended.

It’s just stupid. Just be happy. For them. If you want to be angry about it, that’s your problem. No amount of pictures or memes or quotes posted on Facebook or twitter or anything else is gonna change how angry or offended you are. And to be angry at them is just poison in your body, not theirs. A poison of hate.

So it’s your religion that is stirring all this up? I am not gonna get started on religion except to say that a lot of discourse and wars and killing are because of religion. If how you see your God and religion is gonna get you killed or make you hate fellow human beings, I would find a new one. Or see your God and your religion both a bit differently.

And we have a bunch of church killings and arson going on around here. Which has led to rumors of possible hate crimes to racism to efforts of removing a whole heritage(and flag) from our history.

Again: why can’t we all just get along? Why do we all have to get so offended about everything? I understand the shootings was a terrible thing. He was caught(thanks to good police work) and will be put to justice. Will trying to erase a whole heritage from existence going to make it any better, if not let this kind of thing happen again?

facebook_1435622508406    We have so many other problems in this country to worry about:  our government, our national debt, the homeless, our veteran care…let’s just get our lives in perspective and concentrate on loving each other.

Doesn’t that sound like more fun?




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