funny_picdump_539_640_07It dawned on me the other day that cursive writing, that a lot of us learned in elementary school, is pretty much gone. Something I never really thought about till it was brought to my attention that one of my nephews cannot write using it. They apparently don’t teach it anymore!! Not that I would be putting a lot of attention to this subject, but when did the education system stop teaching cursive writing? I guess that would be a regional thing. But who started not teaching cursive and who was the last to teach it or is there some county out in this United States who still does teach cursive…

But most importantly, how do the humans out there who did not learn how to write in cursive sign legal documents?

I found this cartoon out on the web the other day and it is my new favorite cartoon. It’s brilliant? It’s a new concept and I think it is hilarious. Any new idea I applaud and this is a good one.

New ideas for anything are awesome.

We would not be here if not for ideas. An idea is the process of a thinking mind.

I always appreciate a thinking mind.

The other cartoon you see above here is also a new concept. Well, maybe not new but one I had never thought of before. Cats today will never(comfortably) know what it is like to sit on a nice warm CRT television set. Poor cats.

My day is always a bit more fulfilling when my mind has a new idea to process.

Thank you, Universe. Also whoever thought of and created those two cartoons. Although you are both part of the Universe like me. So I guess I kinda created them, too.

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