lovers to the sunsetThere are three things practiced that will make your life easier and more fulfilling.

  • Acceptance
  • Love
  • Gratitude

Not necessarily in any order, but all three can lead to wonderful shifts in your life.

They all lead to happiness.

Acceptance means essentially what you resist persists. If you are in the practice of resisting change or not necessarily desirable things happening…which will happen…then you will have a block which will not help you overcome said issue. Accept what has happened to you, then learn from it and overcome it. Remember that no matter what it is that is that you are resisting is your responsibility to ‘fix’. Or drop it, delete it, whatever you want to call it so it doesn’t trouble you again.

Love. Well, this should be an easy one. But it’s really not. Because there are things that you may do that isn’t love you may not think about. How about judging people? How about forgiving?  Not so easy to think about compared to anger, for instance. But anger, jealousy, etc anything that is not your full unconditional love of a thing or person or situation leads to drama in your head which again, blocks you. Blocks you from your potential.

Gratitude. Just be thankful for everything that you have around you. Daily. Every morning when you get up and every night when you fall asleep just go through a checklist you keep in your head of what you are thankful for. Be thankful for the problems and challenging people presented to you as they turn you into a better person once you have dealt with them/it or recognize so you know to avoid them/it in the future.

I will probably have people who email or text to say ‘well, what about____? You didn’t mention that.’ Maybe so. But these three things I feel are the most important.

I am not going to say that I am an expert at any of these as I am tested still myself.  But I hope that my point of view may help you a bit. I like to share.

These three things can and will lead to inner peace and happiness. You cannot control what goes on outside of you but you can inside of you. Once you control the inside of you, then the outside of you will be a lot better.

I promise.

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