Meditation-340x200I have been doing a lot of soul searching here lately and it has led to me learning a few things.

Where we are on this planet as far as levels of happiness is completely up to us. You can be happy with what you have or not. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or what kind of house you live in or have chronic pain from whatever that keeps you on the couch or in bed but that does not dictate what state of mind you should be in. You can fix that. You can be happy.

You can be happy. That does not necessarily mean you have to be satisfied.

If you are happy and satisfied, then you could have found your heaven. But your happiness or heaven should NOT be dictated on what is going on externally. Work on your own internal happiness. Work on your own internal heaven.

You can have goals not attained yet. You can have the feeling that you are not done yet. Not done living. Not done giving. Which leads me to ask: what do you think your purpose is? Why are you here?

I have realized that goals cannot be set by material things but the intangibles: inspiration, passion, service, mindful abundance, spiritual serenity to name a few things.

I can say that I am happy. I am grateful and accepting. And I can say that mentioning material things when it comes to anyone’s purpose is almost profane because how can your goal be to be a millionaire? Or to have a Lamborghini or to live in a house on the beach? Or to be a famous movie star.

You can’t take any of those things with you. You have to want to make a difference. You want to live a life of value.

To use the intangible words like I used before for your purpose also leaves the door open for things that could be your accomplishments that you could not even fathom yet.  Things that are not even in your reality at this point in time. To make a goal that doesn’t involve the rest of the state you live in or country or planet or Universe is just small minded thinking. Open up yourself and your goal to what could be.

That’s what makes me happy.

Why would we think that we were put here to feel lousy all day? Your goal should not be something done that makes you miserable. Your goals and purpose should be done using blissipline.

You like that word? I like it a lot.

I like being happy. I like working towards my heaven.

Because if I wasn’t, I would be in Hell.


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