Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 16.32.01I found a site a few months ago called It’s for writers and essentially you go to the website once each day and the site gives you a word and you write using that word with a time limit to complete your thought. It doesn’t cost a cent but is an awesome brain exercise.

I go there pretty regularly and write using said word usually expressing my spirituality or positivity…the same message I peddle on this site here.

Once in awhile I run into a word I can really expand upon or using in simile or metaphor.

The word of the day was wallpaper.

I had a bit of an epiphany while writing.

Wallpaper and paint make a great metaphor for thoughts and feelings.

I have painted before but have never wallpapered. Maybe never will. But as I have just also tuned into the fact that I think my driving passion is new experiences, I may be doing the wallpaper thing soon.

But I digress.

Wallpaper could be compared to all our thoughts. They are in front of you always in your space. They could be textured and 3D and have so many different designs: Busy, complicated, in depth …or possibly just a nice easy flow…but no matter what there is some type of pattern to it or it would not be wallpaper. Of course there is always some underlying color or maybe several making things difficult to see the original color.

Paint is more basic but to me still more powerful. It can be construed as your emotions. It could be black/dark or a shade of red signifying depression or anger. It can be green for envy or yellow for happiness.

You catch my drift.

Wallpaper is much more difficult to deal with i.e. apply. Paint not so much. There is one part. Paint. The word is even the noun and the verb. How about that? Pretty simple.

What I am saying here is that changing your feelings/emotions can do a world of good for yourself and can be a lot easier than changing your thoughts.   A lot of times changing your emotions/feelings can trigger your thoughts to do the same. Some times it takes time and sometimes it’s just a flip of the proverbial switch. At the end of the day any event is still just an event or a thing until it is labeled as positive or negative. Or just not labeled at all.

So how do you change your emotions? Well, that’s easy. Change your beliefs and view point.

“Wow, I thought you said it was easy?”

To that I would say that that is the first view point/belief you need to change: that changing your beliefs and view point is going to be hard to do. That would be a label.

There is a feedback loop for you…

As I have mentioned in previous posts here, I used to have anxiety attacks and once I found out what they are, they stopped.  Meaning once you explore yourself and question your emotions, you realize what view points and beliefs are screwing up your life and those v.p. and b’s (view points and beliefs) will subside and eventually disappear leaving a clearer and more enjoyable life for yourself.

I must also add that diet and other personal habits have a lot to do with your emotions. I am certain you have already perused the cartoon above(that’s the first place my eyes always go) and you should follow the cartoon doctors orders.

I would also suggest watching the video below. There are four parts to it about 15 minutes each so its not like I am shoving an hour video at you. Interesting stuff that should be absorbed.

Once again, you are welcome.


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