I have been taking Asea regularly for a year now. This stuff is awesome. I could try to explain what it does but the guy in this video below will do all that for me.

Watch it.


This stuff has done so much for so many people, it is just amazing. I urge you to do your research about redox signaling and see for yourself.

I personally feel awesome and with the other product(they only really have two)Renu28, I am working on staying young and young looking for a long time to come. My skin is rejuvenating, my bald spot is going away, I feel awesome.

I was working on a show two weeks ago and actually pulled a 19 hr day. That was more than most of the other staff there by almost 6 hours!! I felt awesome and the younger ‘kids’ were all draggin’ ass!! That was the Asea. I am sure of it.

http://bdtrick.myasealive.com/newsite/ is the link for my brand new site. There you can read to your heart’s content, get some Asea, and feel young and look young again.

You take Asea as long as I have and you can be almost as awesome as I am.


Your heart-along with the rest of your body-will thank you for it.

Sorry, folks…I am not going anywhere for a long time. I got stuff to do.

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