jdorseyI would like to introduce you to a friend of mine.

Well, maybe not a friend but I have said lots of nice things about him and to him so I stretch the truth a little.

This guy leads research and strategy on Millennials(Gen Y) and iGen (Gen Z) for clients around the world.

He wrote his first best selling book at the age of 18.

You can read about all of his other accomplishments here on jasondorsey.com.

I saw him last May doing a talk on the subject of Millennials in Jacksonville, FL and he just did a talk that was on Ted X Austin a few weeks ago.

My apologies for not bringing this to your attention sooner.

His Ted X talk is below but he has all sorts of other videos on youtube.

He is informative, educational and entertaining.

I don’t really need to toot his horn so to speak as he has plenty of fame already, but I like to share from whom I learn from. This guy made a real impression on me. I applaud what he has done for himself.

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