spirituality-wallpaperI haven’t attempted this subject in a minute plus I now have some newer more solid thoughts on it I thought I would share.

Goals. We all should have them to some extent. But like so many other things, goals are not just one thing. There are levels of goals, degrees of goals, kinds of goals. When it comes to your life, they should be bold no matter what.

Plus you can have different size goals-a salubrious goal of exercising every day. Read an hour every day. Play with your rugrats an hour every day. But shouldn’t you be doing those things anyway? Goals such as these will be good at getting you to establish new habits so they are all good things to be practicing. Goals practiced turn into habits learned.

No, what I am talking about are goals for your life.

Enter Means goals and End goals.

Means goals are short term goals in terms of your human life. Becoming a lawyer or doctor or whatever. Means goals are also what goals you formed because of the expectations and visions of society/family around you.

But there is something much larger and more profound than those goals. This something is End goals. Goals for pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment that will redintegrate you on something more than just a physical level.

One of my mentors, Vishen Lakhiani explains them better here:

End Goals are what we should have in mind. Every day. I must say that you should ask yourself what and why, not how and when.

That was obviously Vishen’s too. I won’t take credit for that.

Now here is something you should also reflect on-your end goals should not be concrete.

You can only form goals on what you know in your present life experience. What you know at the present time. Or what you know at all. What if your goal has already been realized by the God/Universe but you don’t know what it is yet?

How about this for a goal:
‘To live in an inspired, inspiring and courageously creative life of purposeful, passionate and playful service; a life of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity; a life of spiritual serenity.’

I would say that this is a life goal of a visionary like Vishen was speaking of, don’t you think? A goal which could satisfy you aka the inner spiritual being inside of you and me.

You see, I don’t think my life purpose/goal has been realized to me. I am moving towards it, but this purpose hasn’t been revealed to me yet. Why? Because I love my life as it is but I know that there is work to be done to be a higher, more enlightened being.

I find myself following a life of spirituality and as a potential visionary. I meditate regularly with the help of  a guru and I am a self proclaimed biohacker  and reality-hacker with the help of people like Vishen, Joe, Christie, Abraham/Esther Hicks, and Bob Proctor just to name a few. There are many.

So, if you have already put some goals put down on paper for this year(You HAVE to write them down), I applaud you.

Now ask yourself: Are you reaching for goals for you or somebody else? How far does that goal to satiate your spiritual self?  Your probity on the answer to that question makes a difference.

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