bouncerThe R.A.S. stands for reticular activating system. This is part of your brain-actually a very small part of your brain-that controls a very large part of what happens to you in your existence every day.  It keeps your cortex awake essentially by regulating your sleep/wake behavior, for one.   What I want to explain, though, is how it controls what you do and experience every day.

First of all, your senses bombard your brain with millions of bits of information all your awake day and some at night even that your brain has to process. But your brain cannot process that amount of information. Your brain can only process around 130 bits per second. That is all your central nervous system can absorb.

In comes the R.A.S.-the Reticular Activation System. You could say that it is the bouncer to your brain. This is the filter to control how much and what information actually gets into your brain.

So the question is: what tells your R.A.S. what can come in?

Your beliefs. Your R.A.S. lets in what already supports your thoughts and beliefs from what you have learned and absorbed from your surroundings since the age of really young.

For example, if you think that all people who are not from America can’t speak English well, then you will run into plenty of people supporting that thought. But if you think that this country is a great big melting pot of different people who can all learn from each other, then you will have a lot more interesting encounters with people not from America not to mention a much more open mind.

The good thing is that the R.A.S. is customizable. It’ll take a little bit of time, but with constant good thoughts about good things happening to you and yours will mold that R.A.S. right into good shape.

So believe it or not, there is a piece of your body that literally controls your reality. And you can control this piece of your body. Life can happen for you and by you instead of happening to you with just a bit of practice now that you know or have been reminded that you can.

All you need is imagination.

The question is what will you do with this information…


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