5 things to know that will help you get to your greatest self

'Distortion? We don't see any distortion.'
‘Distortion? We don’t see any distortion.’

Woah, what I can tell you about your subconscious mind already is pretty mind boggling. And I don’t even know the half of it, I am sure. But even with all I do know, I struggle to use this knowledge to my greatest advantage.  Repetition-especially when dealing with conditioning the subconscious-is mandatory. So when I found this article on Learning-mind.com,I had to read and rewrite the article. Because that is the best way(or my best way,anyways) to learn and hopefully apply more and/or better.

You are welcome.

  1. Planning and worrying-Like I said in my last post: time travel. Stay in the moment is the key here. All we have is this moment. The past is gone and future will continue to be elusive to us.  Also,the perfect time to work on ourselves is when we are not using our senses or time traveling . Affirm what you want to see in yourself. Use ‘I am’ statements instead of ‘I will’ as well because our subconscious minds only work in the present tense.
  2. Thinking we are supposed to be getting somewhere. Yes, having goals and ideas of where you want to be is good, but you cannot experience happiness only when you get to what you want. That could be a long road. As a matter of fact, once you get there you will probably not be happy anyways because you have grown since making said goal and now you will want different or more. It’s the journey getting there that makes the goal attainment so good!!! Does a sculpture want to just >poof< have a sculptor sculpt itself in front of him? No! MAKING that sculpture is what makes that sculpture so great. Put that metaphor in terms of your life. Live every day in the moment while you are creating what ever you want to create to make yourself and know that you are. You have a purpose in life. Find it and get to it.
  3. Your success and others’. Everyone and everyone’s life is different. You cannot realistically compare yours to others. And watching someone else to simulate means you are not living YOUR moment. Things can be similar, but they can never be exactly the same.
  4. Limiting yourself to your past-Your mind will constantly bring up past feelings to compare what you are doing right now to your past. But what if you are creating? This is something new. Your brain will be too busy expanding and getting smarter instead of dredging up that past crap. My point is this: Don’t think that all you can be is what you already have been. Push your limits. Expand you horizons. Learn new things. And create. That is what we are here for.
  5. Beliefs and facts are not the same thing. You see and experience new things and think thoughts all waking hours.  And with what you experience, you create a set of beliefs that are not necessarily true. You may not have a whole story or truth or all the facts, but you may not know that. Guess what? That doesn’t mean you will not create a set of beliefs to live by in that noggin of yours.  When you repeat using those beliefs, they become truths, not matter how diluted they are. And they can hold you back from who you really are.

Your best self was most identified in your very early years. But then you grow and get a distorted view of the world because of other’s views of the world and we think we know to be the truth and we lose our focus. If you become more aware and present, you can control your mind and feed it what it needs to make you a better you using these five points.

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