blogging-goalsIt has not been that long since I posted here but I wanted to let you know-in all fairness- that I will be moving most of my writing efforts to my new site that is below

Here I have been combing my different passions and that has not been accomplishing what I have wanted to do, so I am shaking things up a bit. In the spirit of the internet.

In truth, I got a bit bored. Of things. Of my life. So things are changing a bit.

But that was in my down time from my J-O-B. I am trying to monetize said down time with web affiliate stuff. And Asea. Both very lucrative once you get your nose down and do the work for the foundation. And I will say a LOT of that has been done here in the last month.

Because it won’t get done by itself.

Between instagram marketing( and working on affliliating on my monetized, I should keep pretty busy.

My goals are set higher now. I attained those other ones. They are way back in my rearview mirror. Now on to manifesting the new ones.

A toast to all who are striving for theirs, also.

Remember: we should all be like a tree and grow as tall as we can. By thriving.


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