pleasyreReporter : “So you have accrued quite a number of new friends here lately and amassed your success in life as well.  Can you tell us what you have done?”

Me: “Anyone is capable of what I have done for myself. I simply learned how the Universe and my brain works to best implement my skills and powers and possibilities so my life would be rigged in my favor.

Reporter: “OK, that is a very general answer. Can you be a bit more specific?”

Me: “Sure. I got to be curious about three things and how they correlated and related with each other. Body, Mind and Spirit. We have our body and the physical or material world. Specifically our brains. Our physical material gelatinous 3 pounds of fat in our craniums. The synapses, the dendrites. The Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate. How do they operate? What do they do? Our brain is capable of so much, desirable and not.

Then we have the mind. The intangible but very real things that are out there  but actually inside our heads that is part of our existence.  Quantum mechanics type of things. Psychology things. Our conscious and subconscious. How does our brain think things and why do we think the way we do. Individually and as a culture or planet. Micro, macro…whatever.

And then of course spirit. Or more spiritual. What are we really? Are we really ethereal spirits that are entangled in our bodies but on another plane of existence? And how does that work with the beliefs about the Universe? And how does that work in accordance with our mind? Where did we come from?

tree-heart1Three different dimensions, if you will. All tied together to make our realities, whether we believe in all of them or not. But how? And why? And my question was what can we do to influence any or all of those three things? What would be the results of my just asking these questions? I had so many, you know…”

Reporter: “OK that helps. So how did you educate yourself?”

Me: “The internet, Youtube and Amazon are wonderful things. I read and I watched videos. I read real books, too. Ideally, you are supposed to get a mentor and get under their wing, but that is just not feasible for some people. So you find people and get educated from them. People like Dr Mark Waldman, Vishen Lakhiani, Bob Proctor. Then people like Eric Pepin, Esther and Abraham Hicks, Andy Shaw, Michael Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, Jose Silva, Bill Harris just to name a few.”

Reporter: “What started your journey?”

Me: “I don’t remember why but it started with a book called Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. That gave me an idea of how the brain operated as far as belief systems and the aberrations we adopt. Then it was The Self Aware Universe by Amit Goswami which was Quantum physics and mechanics. That was a tough one to digest.  Also the movie  “What the Bleep do we know?”. Those were the topics of my thinking. I started meditating and stopped watching mainstream TV. I have had an open mind and thrive on learning new things and experiencing new anything as our brain is supposed to work that way, so it was easy for me to adopt new ideas or at least entertain them. ”

Reporter: “Wasn’t there a quote from a philosopher about that? Aristotle maybe?”

Stich, Abbildung, gravure, engraving : 1885
Stich, Abbildung, gravure, engraving : 1885

Me: “I think it was Aristotle who said ‘It is a sign of a great mind to be able to entertain an idea without totally accepting it.'”

Reporter: “Yes.”

Me: “Well, I am not going to say that I had the great mind first as Aristotle was around before I was so I will say that I just tried to follow quotes such as those and implement them as much as possible.”

Reporter: “Then what?”

Me: “Well to make a long story short, I found that we have to find our purpose, which is already inside of us from the beginning of our lives. It is not from our DNA although it may coincide or be influenced by our DNA.  You follow that purpose the best you can-which sometimes means you are gonna piss people off. Do it as well as you can and don’t have any expectations.”

Reporter: “That’s it?”

Me: “Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But humans-myself included-adopt different ideas all through their lives that may not be true, but are guided by these ideas, just the same. So your mind is working against you. Then you have your amygdala that will stop you from trying new things in the name of protecting you from getting hurt. Your amygdala originally-back, oh, 500 million years ago-was there to protect you from getting killed and now it can’t do that so it just keeps you from venturing outside of your comfort zone through fear so you don’t try new things so you end up in a rut of life. Plus our government facilitates that and uses it to their advantage which is a whole other conversation, but suffice to say that main media is a bad thing if you want to be a free thinker.

spirituAnyways, you spirit-your soul, if you will, houses your purpose. Your soul is what you really are and true divinity. We are all on purpose with a purpose, as Beckwith would say. If you awaken or get enlightened from the physical and mental view of yourself and realize your potential after awakening, you have no limits. Then you are unfuckwithable, as Lakhiani would say. When you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself-your true essence. No negativity or anything anyone says bothers you. Its a good place to be but so many humans are not.”

Reporter: “Hmm, unfuckwithable…I like that. So with that comes power and fame and money and success?”

Me: “No, not exactly. You have no limits except the ones you extend on yourself, so assuming you have released all those demons, those aberrations of your past that are holding you back, you are more inline as far as your frequency goes to allow, attract and receive what you desire. And it is self perpetuating. Feedback loops. Like a snowball rolling down a hill and getting bigger and bigger.”

Reporter: “OK”

Me: “So depending on your goals and how well you do to attract and facilitate them, you can have an awesome, happy life. The trick is to already be feeling what you want to be. You have to be what you want to attract what you want. It sounds backwards, but that is how the Universe and the Laws of the Universe behave.”

ascender-almaReporter; “So that is what you did?”

Me: “Yes. I learned how the Universe works and how to work with it and I figured out my goals and worked towards them all the while FEELING that I was already there. I was able to be a free thinker, free my mind and body from society’s goal to stifle me and my creativity. I worked towards and accomplished my awakening which was truly wonderful to feel and I recommend for anyone and everyone.”

Reporter: “So you are rich, then?”

Me: “I am comfortable.”

Reporter: “You’re not rich?”

Me: “Money is nice. And it is a very big part of all our lives. But once I have received what I desire, I don’t need to hold on to any more of it like some blowhard greedy insecure human. It needs to be freed up to help other humans who have less than us.  Don’t get me wrong. I like nice things. I do well. I am comfortable. If I desire something more, I ask for it, work for it and receive it as the Universe’s Laws dictate. But I am not in a competition with anyone. I want us all to win. And nothing is free. But you have to realize that happiness is within you. And that is where happiness starts. And ends.”


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