roundupboobAnybody know what glyphosates are? Monsanto invented it 40 years as a weed killer mainly. The problem is that it also causes so many health problems that it should be banned from the planet. So why have glyphosates not been banned? Well, let’s just say that there cannot be a good reason not to ban it so the reason glyphosates have not been banned is unethical, greed driven and immoral.

Taken from such sites as Glyphosate News and FoodBabe,  Monsanto is not letting this killing information into main stream media, which again leads to unethical, greed driven and immoral people.

Childhood cancer is on the rise and glyphosates have been found to be the cause of this. And there are so many other health concerns because of this chemical.  The problem is that this stuff is EVERYWHERE. This chemical has gotten so mainstream that we are being affected by it whether we like it or not.

So essentially Monsanto keeping all this hush hush is committing genocide.  Killing us and our children slowly and they think we can’t do a darn thing about it.

I suggest you get educated and learn before it directly affects you if you don’t care what it does to the rest of the human race. But really we should all be doing something about it RIGHT NOW!!

I only mentioned two sites, but there are so many more ANTI Monsanto sites out there because this is a real problem. For all of us.

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