sunset-473603_640I cannot stress enough the power of now. There is no other feeling as gripping out in front of you and pulling back the the shades and aberrations of your ego that cloud you and see through to the beautiful day and world in front of you.

I am not talking about during meditation, I am talking about being in out in the world with your feet on the earth and just being there.

I try to do this everyday with my dogs. I walk with my eyes wide open to the sky (and watching for cars at the same time) while I walk them and savor the beautiful Universe around me. Being grateful. Being there.

If we pull back what troubles us every day and just feel the wholeness of ourselves with gratitude and appreciation, we will feel what we truly deserve tugging at us, beckoning us. An abundant life we deserve to have if we can just relieve ourselves of the digression of limiting thought we have accumulated. An abundant life that is already inside of us but has been blocked and locked away by noone but ourselves. Which means it is ourselves who have to reveal this excellent life.

But first you must believe. You must believe that you deserve the life that is meant for you by your God. You have to love yourself and accept yourself fully to be able to access this life. You make your own life and you should have your life happen for you and not to you.  You should believe that this is your heaven and nothing less than your heaven.  Why would you be here for anything else? Why do you think your God would put you here for anything else but to live a life of happiness and grandeur and gratitude and love for yourself and the humans around you? You were put here for a purpose and only yourself can uncover this purpose. Uncover it and live it to be your full and whole you.

Be here, be abundant, and believe.

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