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chris cornell tayappentionWow, has it really been 3 months since I posted here? Sorry ’bout that…

First of all, I would like to first express my deepest condolences to the family of Chris Cornell who died yesterday. He was a great singer and frontman of many awesome groups such as Audioslave and Soundgarden. He will be missed.

Rest in peace, Chris.  I am sorry so much awesomeness has to be followed by senseless death.

Second of all, I was contacted about my tireless work back in 2014 of letting people know about the things they need to include in their lives. The specific post included the radiant and underappreciated radish. My post was here.

I love looking back at old posts and see how my writing style has changed.

But anyways, I was contacted about the post and wanted to share theirs. Although my post is still pretty awesome, Jenreviews posted this more up to date and indepth radish review I am inclined to share.

Now I love radishes even more…

I must say I am very impressed at Jenreviews’ article and more stuff about radishes I did not know!  There is even more radish recipes on there you shake a shovel at!! Kudos, Jen…whoever you are. Keep up the great work.

My deepest apologies to anyone for not being here and posting more often. I have been focusing much of my efforts on my affiliate marketing project Maybe you should go over and take a gander at it.

I hope all is well in all of your worlds.


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