You have been gifted with the experience of a divine moment.

Never before in the history of your world has there been a time of transformation such as this

All creation is engulfed in the momentum of change

All are experiencing the wonders of a new world of perception

With the help of the energies that flood your world, you have the chance to accelerate a process that might have taken centuries.

Now you are able to embody the higher states of beingness, while retaining physical form.  This is the experience known as ascension.

Ascension is not an event but rather a momentum.  It is a shift in awareness, a shift in perspective, a shift in vibration, and a shift in alignment with who one truly is.

You stand on the threshold of a great adventure.

The extent to which you experience the fullness of that journey is determined by the extent to which you let goof the scenarios that no longer serve you.

You discover the direction of choice on a road you must travel alone.

As the time lag between the inception of thought and the manifestation of reality diminishes, it becomes obvious to you that you are creating all of it.

Recognizing the power to create your reality is the key to turning the page and beginning the new chapter in your life story.

There comes a total shift to heart-centeredness. Your perception of self and the world around you becomes intertwined.

You begin to dance with the energies of life, allowing the ebb and flow to determine the direction.

You become as a leaf o the wind, embodying a willingness to be carried with the momentum of the process.

The differing perceptions of another do not invalidate your own, they merely add the richness of contrast to the composite vision that is Oneness.

If all were whistling one note, there would be no music.


Harmony is dependent on a recognition of difference and a willingness to hold one’s own truth intact in its presence.

Once you are able to look at another being and see no difference at all, there is no need for harmony.

For there is only Oneness. The place where the story began.

And this is the end where all consciousness strives to return.

Compassion is the common thread with which the tapestries of each of our lives are interwoven.  For in truth, there is only One of us here.

The present moments’ clarity does not invalidate the journey that was necessary in order to attain it.

The higher awareness and the divine connectedness you begin to sense is no more and no less than your own self.

It is You-as is the One who speaks to you now.

The God you would hold exalted and worship from afar is no further away than your own heart.

There is nothing foreign or otherworldy about experiencing your connectedness with God.

For, it is none other than your very own Divine essence, ever-present within you, that reaches out in that embrace.

It is not something that suddenly enters, but something that has never left.

We are here-waiting patiently for you-as we have been for all eternity.

We are willing to wait.

We will wait forever, if necessary, for you to work this out.

And if it takes forever, you are no less beloved.

For, this is the journey that will carry you the full distance-beyond the parameters of the entire concept of a lifetime

to a state of being that is the embodiment of timelessness.

A state of being known as Oneness.

We are that Oneness.

And we have come to guide you Home.



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