This is usually more of my rant and blather site. My other site  ( being the uplifting, sunny, good for your health and mind site where this might have been posted instead. But I had some thoughts I wanted to type down that for some reason I did not feel it ‘fit’ on my OYL site. So I am sharing here.

For some background,

I do a good bit of traveling with my SOI (source of income) in life.

I would say ‘job’, but since I enjoy it so much and ‘job’, to me has certain negative connotation to it, I do not prefer to use that noun. So I use the acronym SOI.  Feel free to use as well if you are currently in the same mindset and vibration as I am as far as your income goes…and congratulations that you are.

Moving along. In my travels, I listen to different audio books and seminars I pull from YouTube Red or wherever for my journeys. On the current trip, I was enlightened by the book written and spoke by Stuart Wilde called Miracles.


There were many good points to absorb and relish in from this publication and audio, but the one that seemed prominent to me was when he spoke of The Universe in its full power and beauty.

Humans are so busy pushing and rushing and yearning for better things in their lives.  These changes desired in their situations cause a negative yearning that end up projecting one thing:

That the world is not okay.

For you to have a beautiful, satisfying and even transcendent lifestyle that is full of true power and everything flowing to you naturally, then you have to see the world as beautiful. You have to realize that no matter what happens, it happens for a reason and for your greater good.

So see and trust the beauty in everything that happens. Because that is exactly what IS happening.


If you created what happened, then this is additional confirmation that you can create for your own good and well being. That you are happening to this Universe and not the other way around.

If you did not create what happened but is not uncomfortable, then know that God and the Universe is working for you to get what you deserve. Which is always good.

If you did not create what happened and it is not comfortable, then know that this event is still for your greater good even if you do not see the value of this event at the present time.

With our finite minds, we cannot grasp all of the Universe and the humanities’ power. But know that as children of God, we are meant for good and to have good things and good lives. We were not meant to suffer through life. Although sometimes we experience a bit of pain and think that this is it. We think that this is how our lives are meant to be.


Our minds are finite because of the safety precautions put in place to keep us safe. These precautions, though, most of the time hold us back from procuring what we are really meant to be. To be a human of higher consciousness with a transcendent way of life.

This barrier of not realizing our true worth and not acknowledging that we deserve anything we set our minds to and not thinking that we are enough can be seen as a disease. A disease that is so prevalent in our society and country and planet yet cannot be truly diagnosed with any sense of truth because of the very nature of said disease.

Only through our own awareness of greater things and the desire to know more and the faith that there is more and the will to pursue it can we START to become aware of what we are truly designed to be.

Reading and learning is the vehicle as to which your transendence can begin. Faith is what will get you there.


Also know that there is no end to this learning. It is a journey, not a destination.

Come join me?





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