No one can argue that this time of quarantine is not mind-bending for all of us, but the question is what you do with this time of seclusion. This is a challenge or a gift…

I am delving further into not only my spirituality, but my mind hacking. This may be one in the same. And of course, I would have been in the practice of said optimization and mindfulness whether in quarantine or not. I know not how things would have been different if we were all still fraternizing and eating in restaurants and going to concerts and social events, etc. I just know, and enjoy, the ‘is’ now. I also know that what is going on, however undesirable, is the action of a greater good moving into place.

But I digress…


What I am sharing here is the ever-growing wonderful and enlightening awareness of my thoughts and having more dominance over the not-so-desirable thought patterns that try to keep me in a fight or flight survival mode.

It is possible. I enjoy it everyday. And I experience sorrow for humans who don’t feel it is possible for them.


With this wisdom, and the gratitude for being plugged into it, I am experiencing new robust, positive thought everyday. With sudden epiphanies that are finite yet so powerful, I stand speechless on how to explain their value to me and my continued, euphoric human life.

I speak of the release of limiting beliefs and their loss of hold over my existence. I speak of my true self asking ‘Why?’ and/or ‘Where did you come from?’ to a destructive, debilitating thought instead of just acting under its guise, whatever the consequence.


Thought is only as valuable and powerful as you let it be. And when you think about what a thought really is-physically-you can be released of its hold over your life.

It’s amazing to think that physically, all thoughts are is chemicals and electric impulses moving around in your brain….

But non-physically, these non-tangible ‘objects’ are what limit you from being God’s real you.

I am extremely grateful that I have been guided to a place where I have control over said thoughts and , therefore more control over my life.

I welcome any other humans who want to take the journey with me.

It is a journey, after all.

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