Three things I have learned we all have to strive to be and know.

Clearness: we are spirits. We are souls. We also have a flesh casing enabling us to communicate and interact with the material world. This casing picks up a lot of extra baggage a.k.a. self-imposed limiting beliefs that hold us back from our full potential. It’s not your fault for picking these beliefs up. That is how our God created us. But the thing is, once we are aware of them, we can delete them and be clear of them.

Complete: as spirits, we are comprised of everything we need as we are created in the image of our Lord. That’s it. That is all you need to know.

Connected: everything in this Universe is energy. And whether you believe in Adam and Eve or the dinosaurs and cavemen, they all/both were energy at its most minute form and evolved into Adam and Eve, or the dinosaurs. That evolution could have been divine in nature or through hundreds or thousands of years. But we still, as they were, are energy. And all energy is connected.

The second two things, complete and connected, are not within your choice. They just are and forever will be. The question is whether you will acknowledge these grand attributes you have. It is a good note to know that whatever you encounter, God knows you can handle it as He never gives you more than you can handle.

But the first: clarity. This can be an arduous task depending on so many factors of your life. You may never be clear of these beliefs. The hope is that you can be clear enough to live a good rewarding happy life.

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