tayappention and escape

You Escape and Evolve…

Our lives are experienced on different levels. Physical and spiritual. Tangible and intangible. Not one above the other, but different planes. Knowing a bit about them all can assist you in experiencing your best life.

A small disclaimer to start with-I certainly hope you can gain some insight and pointers on how to encounter life from this, but I wrote this for me. My writing-my creating in this way-is an elation, of sorts. As is the topic of spirituality and life hacking and human optimization.

As I like to say, to make life easier, you have to get better. And you have to start at the foundation. You and your thinking.

If you want things to get better, you have to be better

With that being said, I would like to share with you some of what I have learned and the tools I have used to get where I am today, and my theory on how we all are where we are. Hint: It involves what happens on both aforementioned levels when we are in meditation.


To start on a spiritual plane, meditation can be such a euphoric experience if learned and practiced on a continuous basis along with mindfulness used throughout your day.

Although there are differing definitions of meditation, as well as different kinds, it starts with the controlling of your non-conscious or cessation of said non-conscious thought track not desirable to you.

Knowing that you are not your thoughts and non-conscious thought doesn’t have to control you and therefore your life is a profound realization. The thing is you may have to dig out of yourself this non-conscious realm first.

To hopefully start this path of enlightenment, I ask you this: Who is listening to your thought track that you are not controlling?

Tangible and intangible

With your meditations and your controlling and/or ceasing of thought on that intangible level, tangibly your brain is NOT doing something, also. The neurons within the brain are not communicating near as much as they would if your brain was being its usual self, as it were.

neuron for thinking

To back up a bit, the diagram above illustrates what a neuron looks like. So when a single neuron fires in your brain, neurotransmitters are released in a void between neurons called synapses. That is how the transfer of information occurs when you think.

I got this information from reading a new book that came out recently called ‘7 1/2 Lessons About The Brain’ by Lisa Feldman Barrett, PhD. The book is really an eye-opener about how the brain works and she would be the one who knows. Here is a link to buy since I have piqued your interest. I highly recommend it.

So when you are in meditation your thought slows or stops, depending on how good you are at meditation, of course. At the same time, what is not happening is the action of neurotransmitters between neurons.

Keep this in mind while I move on.

tayappention and escape
Borrowed from mindfulmuscle.com

Back To Spiritual

So when a person meditates, there is a lack of neurotransmitters between neurons. An empty void, if you will.

And when someone has some awesome elation while in meditation, what is the correlation between this empty void and your euphoria?

What is happening on your spiritual plane? Are they tied together, the void and your elation?

So, in other words, we could say that the slowing or conscious closing of thought when in meditation was the first step. The second step being the emptying of neurotransmitters in the individual synapse between neurons. The third step of course is your joy, happiness, bliss you experience from your meditation.

A great person once told me there is no such thing as coincidence. So we venture on.

So what is really happening here? What is going on in between your neurons when you are in meditation? Is it just the lack of these neurotransmitters that is causing your happiness? Or maybe the fact the lack of neurotransmitters introduces-beckons, maybe-something else?

Maybe it is your true self shining through this lack.

Or maybe the void between neurons, due to the lack of neurotransmitters flowing, is letting something in…

brain spirit connection

Back To Physical…kinda

To take this one step further, we know that meditation can be a powerful tool when it comes to anxiety and stress relief. Why is that? The thoughts that are causing the anxiety and stress are obviously dissipating permanently in some way. But how?

My theory is this: When you meditate, the lower vibration of the stress-laden and anxiety-laden neurons are showered by the positive and higher vibrations of energy on their way to your true self which they are attracted to naturally, bringing these ‘damaged’ and lower vibrating neurons to a higher vibration.

It’s kind of like when you pour hot water into a cup of cold water, the temperature raises to a medium of the two different temperature waters.

Vibrating, you say? Well, being that everything is made of energy and all this energy vibrates at different levels, yes. The higher vibration means a happier, more clear state of being…or the opposite. This could be why meditation helps stress- and anxiety-stricken humans.

So There You Are

It is obvious that a happier person is a more attractive person in all sorts of ways. And again, the opposite. A negative and gloomy can tend to repel. And it is said that said happy human is in a higher, better mood and mindset than a gloomy, therefore ‘lower’ human. That coincides with that of the energy that is all around us and through us.

So meditation would be like a soft reset, as it were. To cease or slow down the ‘motion’ of thought(neurotransmitters) between neurons and this void lets in the positive energy of our God and Universe. It also puts you more in touch with Him and all around you.

I am thinking that is a good place to be.

I am open to rebuttal or accolades. Your choice.

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