Self Actualization & Your Potential

Nice To Be Back

It has been over 2 years since I posted here. I never really understood why I stopped writing. Is my reality just headed a different direction that was not going to facilitate writing my thoughts online into an awesome blog? A place where I can share what I have learned with others so that we, collectively,  can all be better?

With the teachings of visionary thinker Ken Wilber, it dawned on me what might be going on here: I am evolving…

What? Evolving?

We all do it. Whether we like it or not. The question is how? There are two ways that the evolving may happen:

  • With a fixed mindset, or
  • With a growth mindset

People with a fixed mindset typically are stuck but don’t even really realize it. Life happens to them. They do not realize (or do not care) that there is a better way to live where they have more control of what happens to them.

People who view themselves as having a growth mindset are more apt to be successful in life and life works for them as they have more control over their lives.

So which are you?

I can tell you that life is a lot more fun with a growth mindset.

You see, the Universe is constantly changing. Everything does. It has to.

You may not see the change happen right before your eyes, but it has, it does, and it will continue.

You have to keep up. You have to evolve by learning and believing that your talents are expandable and not innate.

There used to be the belief that humans psychologically did not change. That is before scientists discovered neuroplasticity. The human brain is  malleable and can learn all the time, if you let it. That is the growth mindset part.

More Than Just Human

The humanness in us, I don’t think, can handle what we truly are without guidance: a magnificent child of the universe. A person has to be curious about what really makes them tick so as to understand what they are capable of. That is part of evolving. There are so many of us on this planet that just don’t have the mental capacity to want to explore what knowledge is available to them without the ‘push’ of curiousity. Something to wet their lips, so to speak.

There are great minds on this planet to help us with this journey. Humans who go out of their way to make available knowledge to help their fellow humans as it is their found purpose. But this wisdom cannot be force fed. The ignorant human must come to the curiosity on their own.

Maybe our education system needs to leave a more distinct path to the wisdom of the energy of the universe.  More Einstein and less Newton, as this is where the true knowledge of what we (and the universe) are made of comes from.

This doesn’t even take into account where God comes in, although He is everything. I feel, as do many others, that there are just too many things that happen on this planet alone  that could not happen without divine intervention. But that is a discussion for another day.

We were talking about the human. And its evolvement. I started off this post with the fact that after experiencing Ken Wilber’s free 7-day course is when I had the epiphany of my evolvement and that actually may have kickstarted my blessing you all with my writing again.

You are most welcome.

A couple of the other ‘truths’ Wilber also covers in this Self Actualization course is your multi-talentedness, your wholeness and your uniqueness and I found all the free 7-day course’s topics to be an exceptional learning experience.

Did I mention the course is free?

On another related note, the whole course (and the concept of self actualization) is based on Abraham Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs he drew out in the 1950s. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs still holds true today even if physics and the laws of the Universe are still being reworked.

I talked about evolving in this post only as I wanted to leave the rest to Ken Wilber and his course and it was the first truth he ruminated about. I hope the course is as valuable to you as it was to me.

Here’s the link.

Cheers and namaste.



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