Month: January 2011

Abberations of policy, pets and super bowl promos

So with this whole Egypt enigma erupting, there was a baffling blurb about how much annual aid we send to Egypt. Aid to the tune of 1.5 Billion. Annually. 1.5 billion dollars. How does the United States send monetary and military aid

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Moderacy, misconception, and movies(of 2010)

So after reading this article on drink moderation where the definition of ‘binge drinking’ seems to be 4-5 drinks in a 2 hour period, I have found that I am possibly a binge drinker by their definition. But this definition

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Being green, being stupid and being disabled

I saw this on the news today: A new way to be disposed of that is less energy intensive(cremation) and does not take up any space. It’s called resomation—or dying green.You can read  more here. Cremating one corpse requires two

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