So after reading this article on drink moderation where the definition of ‘binge drinking’ seems to be 4-5 drinks in a 2 hour period, I have found that I am possibly a binge drinker by their definition. But this definition also seems to include the fact that said person does not drink regularly. Wouldn’t your ‘bingedom’ also be dependent on the type of drink, your weight, any food consumed prior, etc, etc?

Plus, the largest factor is who is calling you a binge drinker? Is it fair for one who largely does not imbibe to pass judgment on one who does? I think not.

The fact is that, like most else in life, it’s relative. One should not pass judgment on someone else’s habits and moderation is also included in that ‘relative zone’.

I have always thought this whole ‘One dog year is equal to 7 human years’ is a line of crap, too. I have run into an article supporting this thought. How can someone say universally that all dogs follow this misconception when canines come in all different sizes? One can more accurately say that felines has a theory such as ‘One cat year is equal to 10 human years’ because of the fact that all cats are generally the same size when full grown.   I am of course speaking of the domestic cat.

I referenced this article about Top Movies of 2010 for more of a reference than anything else because of the fact that are just so many movies on this list.  A lot of I have seen from this list, but not all. My favorites?

Of these movies, it is just a coincidence that my top two have DiCaprio in it as I generally judge a movie by it’s originality in plot and/or story. Twists and turns also help big time. All three of these had it these items in their own way.

Speaking of an original plot, this movie intrigues me. Rubber. Not rubber like a condom rubber, but a rubber tire. A killer rubber tire. Because we know condoms don’t kill people but just helps prevents them AND prevents passing of diseases that kill people. So no there is not any similarities between the two, really.

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