Month: June 2011

Flouride, fallacy and failed family photo

In the news again has been fluoridation of municipal water systems. Why is it there? In 1950, the US Public Health Service enthusiastically endorsed fluoridation before one single trial had been completed. I strongly suggest that you watch on youtube

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Breasts, the bloom box, dead bodies and a blonde

Attention ladies!!! Are you tired of not being looked at in the eyes at work? Having to say “I’m up here!” repeatedly? Well then this is the answer for you!!! Actually I would prefer chest eyes… The latest breakthrough in

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A Poem of Preposterous Proportions

A generous heap of gen’tal disease can come from a life of licentia But not from a dog or a cat, it may seem But rather the girlfriend absentia From dancing chicks doing their best to arouse For an inept

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