Sincerity, CISPA, silly celebs

I was working on doing some site maintenance today and saw that I had a shitload of spam. As opposed to deleting it all in a single mouse click, I figured I would look through a few of the accolades.

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Hype, hobbies, and our husky

So SOPA is pretty much dead due to public outcry. Thank goodness. But now there is another bill out there called CISPA. Everyone is crying about it as it is SOPA’s son. But it’s not. Read for yourself. Everybody has

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ACTA(again), absorbance, the anguished

So the freedom fight is still going on-and the Europeans are doing well- on ACTA across the pond. This read will give you the scoop on what is going on, the latest in Sweden, in the battle against ACTA. You

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