So the freedom fight is still going on-and the Europeans are doing well- on ACTA across the pond. This read will give you the scoop on what is going on, the latest in Sweden, in the battle against ACTA. You go, Europe!!!

I ran across this site about sports bras. I know, I know. But if you know me, then you also know that I am all about saving the Ta-tas. Not just from cancer, mind you but from the purpose of this sports bra and application. Running, jumping, bouncing etc is what the perfect sports bra is for and the site/app shows how it will absorb all the bouncing women endure while jogging or the like. I did a post a few years back including this article about harnessing that kinetic energy and it as a power source. A-cups generating enough for an ipod, D-cups maintaining electricity for a small city….can you imagine?  Energy issues solved all over the world!!!

Back to the sports bra app: it was not just informative, educational and entertaining, but the app was probably a blast to make. Just using the app is good for you/your man’s health!! My shirt is off to them. I mean hat.

In this article on the most miserable cities in America, I was not surprised to find that over half of those cities were in the midwest, 3 of those being in Michigan. I took a trip up to the midwest many years ago and found that there was an extreme amount of roadkill. Seems like with that amount of roadkill, it wasn’t just because of stupid animals like this one or even this one, but animals who were depressed to the point of suicide by automobile.  I at that time determined that if the wildlife is committing suicide, it must be pretty bad there. High unemployment(obviously not directly affecting the wildlife), bad economy(again, probably no direct correlation), frigid temperatures, dismal weather, mosquitoes….just sayin’. I won’t be leaving NC anytime soon. Besides….our deer fly!!!


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