I was working on doing some site maintenance today and saw that I had a shitload of spam. As opposed to deleting it all in a single mouse click, I figured I would look through a few of the accolades. These spammers are getting very imaginative in their methods. The compliments run rampant. Oh, how kind all these people are!!! I would be flattered if I was naive enough to be believe that they really meant what they said. Obviously, the goal here is to get on my good side so I will leave up their absolute best comments to stroke my ego and show other visitors just how damn good I really am!!!

But then I thought what if they are being sincere? Maybe along with having alterior motives and getting some free publicity for their site, these other site managers are really digging tayappention? I mean, I know I would. Maybe I am just not secure enough in my blather skills to think that people really like me.

Anyways, I left some of the best ego strokers up just because they worked so hard at stroking me. I thought they deserved some recognition and a plug.  Because once you can fake sincerity, life gets a bit easier.

Well, they are voting on the CISPA Bill tomorrow.  Why should you care?

The bill purports to allow companies and the federal government to share information to prevent or defend from cyberattacks. However, the bill expressly authorizes monitoring of our private communications, and is written so broadly that it allows companies to hand over large swaths of personal information to the government with no judicial oversight—effectively creating a “cybersecurity” loophole in all existing privacy laws.

That’s bad, people. I was right last post where I said CISPA is not SOPA…it’s worse. Read more of the above right here. So I know this is kinda late notice(I have been kinda busy myself) but read and do what you did last time with SOPA to get rid of this draconian crap.  Read and stand up. Don’t be one of the sheeple!!!

Now something totally unrelated….the Carlton Dance with some of your favorite celebs joining in.  Why not?


2 thoughts on “Sincerity, CISPA, silly celebs

  1. I have been known to edit those fake comments and leave the good part intact while taking away the URL. It also turns out that I was not the only one because other bloggers have admitted it as well. However, it is just easier to delete them instead of fixing them.

  2. duly noted and Thank you. You have just gained another reader.

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