Month: April 2011

Movie matter, mushroom facts, mutt murder, Misery

If you remember the Terminator movies, Skynet went live at 4/19/2011 at 2011 hours. So Judgment day was 4/21/2011. But this didn’t happen. I guess we are good till December 2012…good. I still have some old bills to pay off

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Shutdowns and Jersey Shore

So we had a close call, didn’t we? With the government almost shutting down and all?  It’s just insane what we are going through in this country. On another note but somehow the same related insanity topic, I just read

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Penelope, police, pillows, apologies…plus

As of the First of April, Penelope Cruz has a Star on the Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. Penelope has been one of my fave actresses for a long time. She will be aside Johnny Depp in the newest Pirates

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