As of the First of April, Penelope Cruz has a Star on the Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. Penelope has been one of my fave actresses for a long time. She will be aside Johnny Depp in the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie which will be out in May. Penelope’s beauty has graced the silver screen and now graces the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Also on Friday, Camden, NJ hired back 86 public officers that they laid off back in January. Somebody woke the hell up since I blogged about this back when it happened.

Speaking of hispanic beauties, bad ass Michelle Rodriguez is out for blood with pillows. Somehow this is supposed to be tied to her new movie, Battle: Los Angeles. Not sure how the pillows are connected, but the video is hilarious…heh.

Speaking of badasses, one of my favorites is back!!! Rutger Hauer!! Well, I say back but apparently he has been a bunch of stuff but I haven’t heard any of it. I thought he had just died off. But he is back in a prob tongue in cheek film called Hobo with a Shotgun.

Sorry, for the long pause in posts as I have been busy at several projects and my day job in which the workload has gotten rather tedious…the projects you ask? Well, I am glad you did. One was learning a bit of FBML and getting this Facebook page up. Plus I am working on a coffee affiliate site named…take a guess?…, of course? Your business would be appreciated.

Coffee, blogging, and web design…three of my favorite things.

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