So we had a close call, didn’t we? With the government almost shutting down and all?  It’s just insane what we are going through in this country.

On another note but somehow the same related insanity topic, I just read that the characters from Jersey Shore are about to get a HUGE payraise. Allegedly from $10 to $100,000 and episode. Tell me it ain’t so!!!

I just cannot comprehend what goes on in this country anymore. If the Jersey Shore crew is able to ‘earn’ $100,000 an episode while the country is 14.3B in debt at the same time, I do believe that money is waAAAay misapropriated around here. I do not usually like to bring up a problem without a solution, but I do not even know where to start.

Oh hey, maybe we need to get all the blowhards who are spending our country into irrepairable anarchy out and put the Jersey Shore crew in…they certainly couldn’t do any worse…could they?

Just a thought.


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