If you remember the Terminator movies, Skynet went live at 4/19/2011 at 2011 hours. So Judgment day was 4/21/2011. But this didn’t happen. I guess we are good till December 2012…good. I still have some old bills to pay off so I can go to heaven.

So I was reading up on the whole Japan crisis. You know, the one that not just one upped but TWO upped the Haitian earthquake? Anyways, the radiation from the reactors is the biggest scare now. It’s in the water, it’s in the air, it’s everywhere. Reading here, some of the things they Japanese can ingest is green tea and oranges and…wait for it…ganoderma mushrooms. Plus since inevitably we Americans will be exposed as well, anyone who has ganoderma in their system will be less likely to be radioactive  because of ganodermas’ radio-protective properties. You want to not end up radioactive, too? Go here and get some OrganoGold coffee and enjoy not being radioactive as well as many other good things that OrganoGold can do for you.  And you are very welcome.

Terrible news for dogs everywhere. Xylitol is fatal to our furry four legged friends!!! I am not sure why this is just coming to my attention, but I will tell you that XYLITOL  IS EVERYWHERE!! You really have to be careful what type of human food they get a hold of for that very reason. Again, you are welcome.

Charlie Sheen gets roasted. I know there are some people out there who have been waiting for this.  Of course it is NSFW.

Misery Bear.  Funny stuff.

I went in and adjusted the Tayatrailer page here to add some of the movies I plan to see.  Enjoy.

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