My son has just been diagnosed with the H1N1 Virus. He is 18. He lifts weights, plays football, basketball,  and for a teenager, he eats pretty darn well. Nevertheless, he caught “The Swine”.

I joked with him and told him he should stay away from the swine screwing.  I don’t even think that is legal. Not even in North Carolina.

Anyways, the point is I am not getting it. I also don’t get flu shots. Don’t believe in them. What I do believe in is my belief that I can shun all the viral crap.

I do eat well, mostly. I am in fairly good shape.  My attitude is the key. If fighting a cold or sickness, I win.

Let’s just say I may not be immortal, but I am pretty much immune.

One thought on “Ways to Not Get Sick

  1. fitness is the first thing what i am more careful about everytime. Stay healthy to enjoy life even if your age gets older.
    Actually our mind plays a big role in this, if we think we are sick then we will surely get sick even if we are quite healthy.

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