I have a quick story to tell.  Many years ago, I was sitting in a bar with my gorgeous now-wife and our hot friend Carolina just kicking ass at pool. Good music on the Jukebox ,good beverages at our fingertips running the billiards table like it was just meant to be. Life could not get better at that point.

So I finally had enough. I was told by my friends it was time to go. I let the table go and we went to a local fast food joint to feed our faces.

There was a homeless bum in the parking lot asking for some change. Still high from my cueing conquests, I proceeded to tell our hapless hobo that he needs to have a positive attitude towards life.  Think lucky.  My lovely lady friends laughed at my seemingly insensitive statements. But on the contrary, I meant the very best. I walked away with a gorgeous girl on each arm into the restaurant. I did not tell the homeless man any different than I do anyone else. I wonder where he is today…

The point of the story is to think lucky. I have been saying it for years. Positive attitude is synonomous with good healthy luck. And now this British article reinforces this and more. Read up.

If you consider yourself an unlucky person-well, that’s your first problem-then you need to read this article. Very insightful.  It was written by English psychologist for goodness sake!!!

So maybe my friends who scoffed at me for beneficial brainwaves are now effectively eating crow.

Told ya.

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