I may be slow, late or just lazy, but I just read an article of Haiti’s DestinyHaiti earthquake damage

There is a lot of controversy involved.

But first of all I learned a few things. Number one is the word Neocolonialism, which in itself sounds like a bad thing. Number two is that according to this article, we pledged 1.15 Billion to the Haiti project. I have always thought we should take care of our own first-meaning the current 10.2% of United States citizens that are unemployed-but that may be just me.

So the controversy is that the World Bank is investing a lot of $$$ into Haiti and their are a lot who don’t want that.

“No to Economic Exploitation Disguised as Reform. MINUSTAH [UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti], Out of Haiti! ” are the cries.

You could say that the Lord works in mysterious ways and that the natural destruction of Haiti leading to an economic re-creation of this destitute country would be in its best interest.

You could also say the picketers are right and that the World Bank is using this unfortunate opportunity to get its clenches on a poor third world country and using the country and its people for its bidding.

How about both? But the question would be this: Do the Haitians have a choice? They had virtually nothing before. And now since the earthquake?

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