Gulf Oil Spill Pt 2. So you want to hear the latest on the Gulf Oil Disaster? I mean, should it really be called a “Spill” anyways? Valdez was a spill.

This Bill was introduced to make the responsibility of cleaning up and providing some type of restitution solely on BP instead of the cap of just $75M. The company who made 5.5B IN 3 MONTHS!! Apparently this can be killed by one person. One.

What the Hell?

You wanna do something about that? I did. Go here and just fill out your name(through Codepink) to send a letter to Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and tell her to stop protecting BP and instead protect the fishermen, the coastal residents, the wildlife… the United States of Frigging America which she swore to protect.

Something else I learned-BP is not the only one who should be taking responsibility. BP did not own that rig. A company called Transocean did. So the way I see it is that they should even be more responsible than BP. It was their equipment!

Transocean has their own shady dealings going on. Read about that here. They are likely to actually PROFIT from this disaster.

So, what all this boils down to is this: the BP Gulf catastrophe typifies corporate behavior in America. This is not just a statement but an article of the same name. This country is unjustly ruled by corporations who are obviously taking over and destroying our country. Big Pharma, Wall Street, Big Oil. All killing our country in a big, big way.

Oh. And guess who is involved in another Oil Spill just yesterday? You guessed it

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