Last weekend, I watched Pastor John Hagee. My brother in law calls him the “Fire and Brimstone Pastor”. His sermon (Hagee’s-not my brother in law’s) was how Iraq was going to be destroying America in the near future to bring the superpower(us) to our knees with EMPs.

Hey that kinda rhymed.

Anyways. Yes, I agree that this is a threat. But is it a threat I can do anything about? I mean, me personally? So why should I worry about it? I think I will stick with serenity instead…

But my usual frame of thinking is this: There is again a fine line between being apathetic and a fanatic. And that line is of course relative.

Maybe there is nothing we can do about Iraq but we just need to be ready for the rapture. If you believe in that. I do not know if I have the faith for that.

I remember when I was a regular in church, I felt like I was still not a good enough christian because I was told that literally I wasn’t unless I did this list of things. I am not sure I am suited for religion. I always though of myself to be a bit more open minded than that.

One thought on “To care or not to care

  1. If we look at what Jesus expect from folks in order to be saved it was simple. Believe in Me and go and sin no more. The bad thing is we are bound to sin but the good thing is He is always standing in the GAP for us.

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