Rachel Wiesz
Rachel Wiesz in the brothers Bloom

The Brothers Bloom is a story of two conmen who started in their early years while being bounced from foster home to foster home. The older brother Stephen plans, plots and narrates the cons with his brother Bloom in the conning pilot seat.  Somewhere along the way they pick up an asian girl appropriately named Bang Bang who help with their swindling deals.

Enter Penelope, the beautiful and eccentric heiress who will be their last heist. The con takes the four of them around world in all sorts of entertaining scenes which has been crafted in a way that you the viewer does not know what is part of the con and what is not.

I did enjoy this film although for a minute, I was not sure that I would make it through.  The Brothers Bloom did end up paying off into not being a waste of my time. Rachel was cute and charming as the eccentric heiress especially when you would watch her wreck Lambhorghinis after Lambhorgini, and would have another brand new identical lambhorghini getting delivered in the next scene.   You would have to pay attention to this film as there often was things going on in the background that would prove humorous as the cars did. Mark, Adrien, and Ringko can also be commended for their work.

So be sure to put this movie at Netflix or Blockbuster account if you have not seen already. I recommend.

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